The Ship Inside Your Head

Our body is like a ship at sea, with our brains as her crew. And like a ship’s crew consists of multiple people, our brains are not a single entity.

That is why you may come up with great plans, but do the exact opposite. We experience an emotion, only to rationally chastise ourselves for feeling that way. Not to mention the times we reach for that snack or that cigarette when we know we really shouldn’t…

Our Three Brains, Our Ship’s Crew

Over time, we humans developed three different brains, each with their own tasks and responsibilities to keep our body functional. They are:

  • The Captain (our rational brain);
  • The First Mate (our emotional brain);
  • The Deckhand (our reptilian brain).
Ship Psychology

Each has their own qualities, weaknesses, and their own way to interpret and respond to the world around us. When working together, these three unique voices define our personality.

But different as they are, they don’t always get along…

When the Crew of our Ship clash with each other, our thoughts, feelings and behaviour diverge. Rather than confident and determined, we then become frustrated, anxious and disappointed with life.

It’s easier to take back control than you may think! Less drama, more energy with:

The Ship Psychology Method

Ship Psychology is a fun, simple-to-use method to make sense of yourself. If you ever stared out a window and let your mind wander, you can learn how to recognise your Ship, your Crew – and steer them!

The Ship Psychology Method helps you to:

reduce anxiety,
improve your relationships,
get more done at home and at work,
break unwanted habits,
increase your focus,

and enjoy becoming the person you want to be!

I’m not a coach who will solve your problems for you.
I teach you how to overcome them yourself.
Not just once, but time and again.
For as long as you live!