The Ship Model

“Our body is like a ship at sea, and our brains are her crew.”

And just like a ship’s crew consists of multiple people, so our brains are not a single entity, but rather a bunch of semi-cooperative parts that each have their own tasks and responsibilities within the whole:

  • The Captain (our rational brain);
  • The First Mate (our emotional brain);
  • The Deckhand (our reptilian brain).
Ship Model | Ship Psychology

Each of these three parts have their own qualities, outlooks and weaknesses. So unique is each one, that they are essentially individual characters that, together, define our personality. And indeed, like real inviduals, they don’t always get along.

When they clash, our thoughts, feelings and behaviour don’t match, and we feel frustrated, anxious and run down as a result.

The Ship Psychology Method

Ship Psychology is a practical approach to psychological self-assessment that gives you easy-to-use tools to get back onboard with yourself – and have fun doing it!

The Ship Psychology method consists of the different techniques with which you can apply the Ship in every-day life. :

  • Personal Coaching – Usually in a series of one-on-one meetings, either in person or over online video calls.
  • Webinars – Free online presentations in which I showcase the Ship and how it van be applied to tackle mental issues big and small;
  • Online Training Courses – Coming soon. I’m currently working on:
    • simple tactics to manage anxiety,
    • how depression works and how to prevent suicide (for yourself and for others),
    • in-depth course that teaches you how to apply the Ship Psychology method yourself.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a personal call, feel free to email: