Ship Psychology Method

Three Brains, Not One

We all experience those frustrating mismatches between what we think, feel and do:

  • Wanting to plan something but lacking focus and overview.
  • Being unable to make a simple decision
  • Telling yourself things you don’t really believe.
  • Believing things you know aren’t true.
  • Being angry and scared at the same time, and berating yourself for feeling that way.
  • Indulging in food, drink and other diversions when you know you shouldn’t…
    …the list goes on and on.

The reason for those mismatches becomes clearer when you realise that every person has THREE brains, not just one. Each of these brains has their own tasks and responsibilities to keep our body functional. Just like the Crew of Ship:

Ship Psychology | Ship Model
The Ship Inside Your Head (c)

Each brain – each Crew Member – has their own qualities, weaknesses, and their own way to interpret and respond to the world around us. When working together, these three unique voices define our personality.

When Your Crew Doesn’t Work Together…

Ship Psychology Method | Slide Scale of Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Suicide

Different as they are, our Crew doesn’t always get along. When they fight one another, our thoughts, feelings and behaviour contradict each other.

Instead of confident and determined, we become frustrated, anxious, and disappointed. In short, we experience stress.

Stress is a inevitable part of life, but left unresolved and unaddressed, it can begin to fester. Over time, prolonged stress can cause anxiety, depression, and worse.

The bottom of this funnel is where I spent 20 years of my life, and I know from experience that even that hopeless situation can turn around!

What if you could look inside your own mind?

The Ship Psychology Method is a collection of visualisation techniques rooted in various psychotherapeutic methods and theories, but rather than forcing yourself to learn a new way of thinking (which often doesn’t work), you learn to listen to what your brains are telling you.

Our brains know everything about us. The trick is to get them to share it!

Finding safe and effective solutions to your stress and frustrations doesn’t need to be an endless battle. Actually, it can even be fun! Ship Psychology more than just a toolbox. It is an entertaining way to support yourself when you need it the most. And it is not difficult to learn. If you ever let your mind wander in a daydream, you can use the Ship Psychology Method.

“What’s great about this method is that you can really envision difficult things going on inside your mind. This gives you a clear idea of your thoughts, with plenty of room for your feelings. With the Ship, you can literally let your feelings, your ratio, and your basic needs speak up. The latter is often overlooked in regular cognitive behavioural therapy.”

“I gain insight into what I unconsciously already knew, but had hidden so deeply that I no longer realised it was there. Now I resolve my issues step by step, and feel the support of my Crew. The best part is: I can always count on them, and the better they feel and understand each other, the better I feel too.”

Meet your Crew, learn their strengths and their weaknesses, and help them work together to:

  • understand your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour,
  • break unwanted habits,
  • resolve limiting beliefs,
  • reduce anxiety,
  • improve your relationship with others,
  • gain more control over your life,

so your daily life becomes less stressful and more enjoyable!

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