Your Free Navigation Call

It always feels more comfortable when you know what to expect.

The decision to seek help from a counsellor is not one you make lightly. And now you’re ready to schedule an appointment, you still wonder: “Who is this counsellor? What’ll the sessions be like? Can they even help me with my problems?”

Valid questions indeed! That is why I offer a free Navigation Call to all new visitors. In a one-hour Zoom call, you can ‘test the waters’ without any further investment or obligation. 

At the end of this Zoom call, you will have:

  • a good idea of what to expect of me as a counselor,
  • clarity on how I can help you with the issues that you’re struggling with, and
  • a first step you can take towards resolving the most pressing issue.
Book your free Navigation Call right here:

Please select at least 3 times during your week that generally work well for you to schedule an appointment:

Saturday (online only)