Your Free Navigation Call

It always feels more comfortable when you know what to expect.

The decision to seek help from a counsellor is not one you make lightly. And now you’re ready to schedule an appointment, you still wonder: “Who is this counsellor? What’ll the sessions be like? Can they even help me with my problems?”

Valid questions indeed! That is why I offer a free Navigation Call to all new visitors. In a one-hour Zoom call, you can ‘test the waters’ without any further investment or obligation. 

At the end of this Zoom call, you will have:

  • a good idea of what to expect of me as a counselor,
  • clarity on how I can help you with the issues that you’re struggling with, and
  • a first step you can take towards resolving the most pressing issue.

At the moment, the current time line is:

  • Time to scheduling your Navigation call: 2-3 work days
  • Time to the Navigation Call itself: 1-2 weeks from moment of scheduling (unless you prefer a later date).
  • Time to the first session in your counseling programme: 1-2 weeks after your Navigation Call. 

Whether your health insurance will cover (a part of) the costs of your counseling programme depends on your policy and your insurer’s regulations. Please check directly with your insurance what they may or may not cover.

If you participate in the Dutch health insurance system, please be aware that my services are not covered under the system’s regulations.

Should money be an obstacle to getting the help you need, please inquire after the possibilities of instalments and reduced rates.

Mental health care is a need, not a luxury. I aim to make my services as accessible as possible to those who need it. 

I offer payment in monthly instalments for all counseling programmes. Depending on the length of your programme, you can opt for 2 or 3 instalments.

For students and people living on welfare, I offer a strongly reduced rate. This offer is extended on request only and is subject to availability. If you wish to apply for this reduced rate, please let me know during our Navigation Call.

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