Ship Psychology:
Shelter from the storm inside your head

Anxiety, frustrations, depression: everyone feels run down and defeated once in a while. Most people recover so quickly, it seem…but not you. For you, this bleak misery continues day after day.

You feel vulnerable, lonely, exhausted. You desperately want to feel energetic again. Alive and in control! Is such a thing even possible anymore?

Yes, it is! My name is Christel Vogels. I’m a psychological coach and this struggle you face – the one I faced myself for two decades – is the reason I created the Ship Psychology method.

“After only three meetings, my mind was much less frantic and I had so much more energy to do the things that are truly important to me.”
Lindsey, entrepreneur

Would you like to be able to:

  • finish what you start?
  • stop doubting everything – and mostly yourself?
  • live without constant anxiety or panic attacks?
  • understand other people better, and make yourself better understood?
  • consistently improve your self-confidence?

I can teach you how to do just that!

I would love to meet you face to face, either in my practice in the Netherlands or in an online video call, and listen to your story. What issues are bothering you and what would you need to improve your life? Of course you will also get to know me better. You can questions, learn more about the Ship, and decide if Ship Psychology feels like the right fit for you. Think of it like a test drive!

If a hot drink and casual conversation sounds good to you, click on the button below to send me an email, and I’ll be in touch with you:

Talk to you soon!