“Our body is like a ship at sea, and our brains are her crew.”

The Crew of the Ship Inside Your Head sails you through life,
but when they have trouble working together, you feel the stress!

At its core, stress is a warning signal of potential threats. Under normal circumstances, it helps us survive emotional and physical dangers. So far, so good, but when:

  • small, every-day things cause feelings of rage, helplessness or anxiety,
  • you stop doing what you really like because “it won’t work out anyway”,
  • you get frustrated and angry with yourself for “not being able” to “do better”,

that stress is no longer helping you survive. Rather, it’s keeping you from living. I can help you regain control of your life!

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”
—J. A. Shedd

Improve your mental health for life

Our brains assume that anything that is familiar and hasn’t killed us, must therefore be safe. This isn’t always true, but all the same, leaving what you believe to be a safe harbour is scary. Especially when you set out alone.

With Ship Psychology, you don’t have to set sail by yourself. I’m here to guide you as you learn the ropes of your Ship!

My name is Christel Vogels, and I’m a mental health coach and the creator of Ship Psychology, an engaging visualisation method that lets you consciously steer your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. With the Ship, you will be able to:

  • reduce your fears and anxiety,
  • make decisions with confidence,
  • finish anything you start,
  • have more energy to enjoy what matters to you!

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“I found it remarkable that the Ship is so easy to implement. The Ship and the Crew make it easier to recognise behavioural patterns and protection mechanisms. As a result, I can see more quickly whether or not they are constructive, and I can adjust them if necessary.”
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“Christel helps you gain insight into yourself and gives you the necessary tools to solve your problems yourself. Always a tailor-made approach!”
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I’m not a coach who will solve your problems for you.
I teach you how to overcome them yourself.
Not just once, but time and again.

All your life!

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