Our body is like a Ship at sea, and our brains are her Crew

My name is Christel Vogels, international mental health coach and creator of the Ship Psychology Method.

Ship Psychology is a fun, accessible and very effective visulation method to better understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and which helps you to:

– make decisions more easily,
– reduce fears and anxiety,
– be more confident around other people,
– feel more at ease in your own skin,
– have more energy to enjoy what matters to you.

The 3-Month Beginners Course Starts In September ’21!

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”
—J. A. Shedd

Ship Psychology | Christel Vogels

What I do

When you get stuck in live, a coach can help you find the tools and techniques to get ‘unstuck’. That is what I do.

In a series of online video calls, we work together to find emotionally and practically suitable solutions to the issues you are dealing with. In the process, we will also look ahead and make sure you have a pragmatic battle plan to handle similar situations in future.

Whatever your problem or challenge, the goal is always to help you create a toolbox for you that allows you to deal with the difficult moments in life. Not just this once, but time and again, your whole life long!

Who I help

From my personal and professional experiences, I help people cope with a variety of mental health issues, such as:

– recurring stress,
– anxiety and anxiety disorder,
– navigating society with autism and/or AD(H)D,
– burn-out,
– (severe) depression,
– self-destructive tendencies (self-harm/suicide)
– mourning a death or loss,
– recovering after emotional abuse.

Perhaps it isn’t you who is struggling with mental health issues, but your partner, family member, friend or colleague is, and you would like to learn how to better understand and support them. If so, I can coach you in that process.

What clients have said:

“I found it remarkable that the Ship is so easy to implement. The Ship and the Crew make it easier to recognise behavioural patterns and protection mechanisms. As a result, I can see more quickly whether or not they are constructive, and I can adjust them if necessary.”
— Iris

“Christel helps you gain insight into yourself and gives you the necessary tools to solve your problems yourself. Always a tailor-made approach!”