If you quiet & a safe haven
from the storm inside your mind,

you have found it here.

You may not like to say it out loud, but deep inside you know you are a sensitive person with a creative and quite intelligent mind. At a glance, your life is well-organised: you have a job, a partner and a few good friends, hobbies, a house. And yet…

…you can’t shake the feeling that you are failing miserably. That who you are and what you do is somehow not good enough, no matter how hard you try to meeting the expetations that people and life in general have of you. And it’s eating you from the inside out.

Do You Recognise this?

Yet when you look at others – at your colleagues, your friends and family – they seem to have their life completely under control. And you can help but wonder yet again: “Why can’t I just get it right, too?”

You are constantly second-guessing yourself and often doubt whether you even meet basic requirements to pass as an adult. Sometimes you doubt you ‘fit’ in with society at all. You see all those other people sailing effortlessly through life. If they can do so, then surely you should be able to do the same?

So you dial up the pressure another notch and force yourself to just try harder. Never mind that you sleep poorly because you can’t stop worrying. Never mind that your stomach aches and that the muscles in your body are so tense they hurt all the time. To you, it just means you have to up the pressure yet again and try even harder. And harder, and harder…

How much longer can you keep this up?

You know you can’t go on like this. I know you know, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, reading these words. The way things are now, that isn’t what you want. You want to be good enough, you want to be able to get it right! And you want to sail through life as easily as everybody else does.

But pushing yourself ever harder won’t bring that change you so desperately want. You’ve tried that route long enough and often enough, and with very little success. In fact, all that pressure you put on yourself just makes things worse, doesn’t it?

So, what will you do now? Will you push yourself beyond breaking point, where it will take you months or even years to piece yourself back together, accepting the realistic risk that you may lose your your job, your house or loved ones along the way?

Or do you step up and make the changes you want? No temporary solutions, as I’m sure you’ve already tried many, but truly getting to the heart of the problem and root out your self-doubt and unsecurity, so you can finally enjoy your life again?

How Ship Psychology can help you

For Various Mental Health Issues

Ship Psychology helps to manage and improve various mental health issues as well as resolve practical problems at work, at home or in relationships. 


You don't have to do it alone! Counseling is a 'light' version of psychotherapy and a great way to improve your mental resillience and your mental health. Much can change in as few as 5 sessions.

Quick & Accessible Self-care

If you can picture an image, you can use Ship Psychology. With only the basic principles you are ready to start making everyday challenges easier for yourself.

Workshops & Training

Looking for an entertaining way to learn more about how you (or your guests) can make use of every-day psychology? Inquire after our tailor-made workshops and training options! 

Time To Play

Ship Psychology was developed for therapeutic purposes, but the different techniques are also entertaining to use, and a great way to have fun and relax in quiet moments.

Life time's benefit

Your Ship is part of you, always. Once you know how to use Ship Psychology, you can apply your favourite techniques anytime and anywhere - for the rest of your life!

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What Clients Say About Ship Psychology

"My son had been struggling with performance anxiety that I could not place. When I realised that my fierce reactions to his fear were actually making things worse, I understood that the problem lay with me. Christel was able to get to the root of my attitude towards my son by asking a few specific questions. With the Ship, she taught me to recognise which emotions, desires and thoughts compete with each other. Because I can now balance my own motives much better, I no longer lash out at my son. This solves the acute problem, and with these new insights I can now independently continue to tackle the underlying causes. Christel helps you gain insight into yourself and gives you the necessary tools to solve your problems yourself. Always a tailor-made approach!"
Store Assistant
"The concept of the Ship is unique and creative. It is also very personal, because everyone can process it in their own way. During the workshop I attended, we sat together with a small group of (more or less) strangers and during the day heard the most wonderful and personal stories and learned a lot from each other. Apart from that beautiful concept, Christel is also someone who can explain things very well."
"For a long time, I have had a chronic lack of energy. Getting through the day without long naps is difficult, and I am exhausted at night. With the Ship, we investigated where that energy leak originates, and it turned out: the continuous tug-of-war in my head costs me much more than I thought. I have learned to balance my Crew better, so that less energy is lost. This has also taught me to trust myself more. With three conversations I already had more peace in my head, so that I finally have the energy again to do things that are important to me, such as expanding my company! Christel is a winner! Especially the practical tools she gives you ensure that you can quickly put theory into practice. That quickly confirms that I am on the right track."
Culinair Entrepreneur
"Christel is a very open coach, who immediately makes you feel at ease. This was also evident from the fact that I am not used to visualising things, but this exercise came naturally. With a good dose of humour, pragmatic tips (no woolly spiritualist stuff) and good information, Christel introduces you to your own Ship and Crew. What's great about this method is that you can really envision difficult things going on inside your mind. This gives you a clear idea of your thoughts, with plenty of room for your feelings. With the Ship, you can literally let your feelings, your ratio, and your basic needs speak up. The latter is often overlooked in regular cognitive behavioural therapy."
Communication Employee

Curious about what Ship Psychology and my as counselor can do for you? Over a cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home, you can find out: