Our body is like a Ship at sea, and our brains are her Crew

Ship Psychology is a fun, accessible and very effective visulation method that helps you to:

– reduce your fears and anxiety,
– make decisions with confidence,
– finish anything you start,
– have more energy to enjoy what matters to you!

My name is Christel Vogels. For more than 25 years, I struggled with severe anxiety, chronic depression, suicidal episodes, and post-traumatic stress disorder. When therapists couldn’t help me, I created my own method to survive, recover, and at long last thrive.

That method is Ship Psychology. In the courses and (free) training I share worthwhile insights into how our minds work, and teach you practical techniques to make your daily life a bit easier.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”
—J. A. Shedd

I’m not a coach who solves your problems for you.
I teach you how to overcome them yourself.
Not just once, but time and again.

For the rest of your life!

Ship Psychology | Christel Vogels

“I found it remarkable that the Ship is so easy to implement. The Ship and the Crew make it easier to recognise behavioural patterns and protection mechanisms. As a result, I can see more quickly whether or not they are constructive, and I can adjust them if necessary.”
— Iris

“Christel helps you gain insight into yourself and gives you the necessary tools to solve your problems yourself. Always a tailor-made approach!”