“Our body is like a ship at sea, with our brains as her crew. But sometimes a crew needs help to work together.”

Christel Vogels

I’m Christel Vogels, psychological coach and the creator of Ship Psychology.

It’s my belief that understanding your own mind is the key to a brighter, better life. In the 20 years that I suffered severe depressions, I also learned the value of psychological techniques that are practical, effective, and easy to apply in any situation.

The training and courses I create teach you how to:

  • reduce your fears and anxiety,
  • make decisions with confidence,
  • finish anything you start,
  • have more energy,
  • have more faith in who you are and what you can accomplish.

My Ship Psychology Method is a playful yet effective method to consciously steer your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, so you gain more control over yourself – and your life!

I’m not a coach who will solve your problems for you.
I teach you how to overcome them yourself.
Not just once, but time and again.
For as long as you live!

Ship Psychology | Christel Vogels

“It’s remarkable how easily you can implement the Ship in daily life. It helps me understand what behaviour is and isn’t helpful in a particular situation, so I can change it when needed.”

“Christel helps you gain insight in yourself and hands you the tools you need to solve your issues on your own terms. Always a tailor-made solution!”