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The Ship In Daily Use

We start the call with sharing experiences and discoveries so far. What have your learned since last call? What have you found remarkable about your Ship or your Crew? And of course there is time for questions!

Now you are getting to know your Ship and your Crew, you get more insight into yourself: your strengths as well as your vulnerable points. In the last live call, we practised spot check and steering. In preparation of Module 3, we’ll look at how you can put those techniques into daily use.

  • Making “battle plans” to fall back on during stressful moments.
  • When you have a need, identifying who needs what, so you can find the solution that answers the need.
  • Steering your own behaviour in the spur of the moment.

Note: When you log in to the course after this live call, be sure to mark this ‘lesson’ off as completed to keep track of your course progress.