You can find the time and date of this live call in the schedule you received by email. This also includes the link to enter the Zoom meeting. You will receive a reminder the day before the call.

3 Voices, 3 Views, 1 Ship

In this live call, we will start with a brief introduction of everyone in the group: your name, a little about your background if you want to share, and what Your Situation is.

We will be taking time to discuss everyone’s experiences with recognising the Crew Members’ voices. What comes easy? What would you like some help with? If you have any questions, the live calls are a perfect opportunity to ask them!

We also take a closer look at how to use the Ship’s Logbook, the dedicated bullet journal that you have received as part of this course.

Note: When you log in to the course after this live call, be sure to mark this ‘lesson’ off as completed to keep track of your course progress.