Before You Begin… (PA)

Transcript & Exercises

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Points To Prepare

Before you start this course, take some time to make the following preparations:

  1. Place to collect your notes – A file binder if you want to use print-outs, or a computer folder for the transcripts, exercises, and your own notes.
  2. The Ship’s Logbook – This may still be on its way to you at this time, but don’t worry. You will start working with it after the first live call, so you can set it aside until then.
  3. Extra recording space – Blank journal, computer file, whatever you prefer.
  4. “Your Situation” – Determine which every-day situation you want to use to practice with in the exercises.
  5. Live Call Schedule – Note the dates and times in your calendar.

Course Schedule

Because this is a group course, there is a set schedule for the live calls, and the different modules open at set intervals.

You can find the course schedule with the times & dates of your group in the email you received upon enrolling. This email also includes the link to enter the Zoom meetings.