Finding Therapy that Actually Helps

Episode 13 - What good therapy really does

For many people, therapy, coaching and counseling have a reputation for costing plenty of cash while having barely any effect. That’s then either blamed on “psychotherapists are quacks” or “no one can change the past, so what is the point?”

Having spent years on both sides of the therapist’s table, I dare to say that 99% of all therapists, coaches and counselors are competent professionals in their field. At the same time, I personally had 15 different therapists in 20 years, none of whom could truly help me. I also know that many of my clients have similar experiences.

So where is the crux in all this? Who is to blame?

Short answer: no one. Therapy works best when the client feels comfortable with their therapist and confident that the treatment will have effect. If not, you indeed end up paying for hours of fighting against yourself and the world, while making very little progress, if any.

In this video, I’m walking you through that therapy of any kind aims to help you do, and how you can use that nformation to find a therapist¬†and the therapeutic approach that actually work for you.

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Video is subtitled in English & Dutch 

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Christel Vogels developed the Ship Psychology Method as a playful means to understand your own mind. As coach and trainer, she teaches people how managing their thoughts, feelings and behaviour can help to improve their mental quality of life.

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