Client Testimonials


Communication Officer (NL)

“The Clear Sailing workshop was completely new to me, which made the event a bit discomfiting at first. However, that awkwardness was immediately gone as soon as I arrived!

Christel is a very open coach, who immediately makes you feel at ease. This was also evident from the fact that I am not used to visualising things, but this exercise came naturally.

With a good dose of humour, pragmatic tips (no woolly spiritualist stuff) and good information, Christel introduces you to your own Ship and Crew.

What’s great about this method is that you can really envision difficult things going on inside your mind. This gives you a clear idea of your thoughts, with plenty of room for your feelings. With the Ship, you can literally let your feelings, your ratio, and your basic needs speak up. The latter is often overlooked in regular cognitive behavioural therapy.

I experienced the Ship as an enlightening, personal method for dealing with problems. I will certainly consider calling on Christel’s help in the future, should I get stuck!”


Culinary Entrepreneur (NL)

“For a long time, I have had a chronic lack of energy. Getting through the day without long naps is difficult, and I am exhausted at night. With the Ship, we investigated where that energy leak originates, and it turned out: the continuous tug-of-war in my head costs me much more than I thought.

I have learned to balance my Crew better, so that less energy is lost. This has also taught me to trust myself more. With three conversations I already had more peace in my head, so that I finally have the energy again to do things that are important to me, such as expanding my company!

Christel is a winner! Especially the practical tools she gives you ensure that you can quickly put theory into practice. That quickly confirms that I am on the right track!”


Father of 2 teenagers (NL)

“My son had been struggling with performance anxiety for some time that I could not place. When I realised that my fierce reactions to his fear were actually making things worse, I understood that the problem lay with me. I wanted to do something about it as soon as possible to prevent the relationship with my son from deteriorating further. That’s how I ended up asking Christel for help.

Christel was able to get to the root of my attitude towards my son by asking a few specific questions. With the Ship, she taught me to recognise which emotions, desires and thoughts compete with each other.

Because I can now balance my own motives much better, I no longer lash out at my son. This solves the acute problem, and with these new insights I can now independently continue to tackle the underlying causes.

Christel helps you gain insight into yourself and gives you the necessary tools to solve your problems yourself. Always a tailor-made approach!”

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Paralegal Consultant (NL)

“Last year I attended Christel’s workshop, as well as a few of her recent webinars. The concept of the Ship is unique and creative. It is also very personal, because everyone can process it in their own way.

I remember that during the workshop, in late 2019, we sat together with a small group of (more or less) strangers, and during the day heard the most wonderful and personal stories and learned a lot from each other.

Apart from that beautiful concept, Christel is also someone who can explain it very well; not surprising since she is also a writer.”


Pallative caregiver for dogs (BE)

“The Ship is a great visual way to find hidden dysfunctional patterns within yourself and redirect them. You gradually bring out things that you have repressed into your subconsciousness, and look for the appropriate Crew Member to whom those repressed problems belong.

No, you are not making them up, those characters, they are REALLY there! They were always there, but you just didn’t see them. Each Crew Member has their traits, disadvantages and talents, but together they form the unity that you are as a human being. Or the dysfunctional division within, when they have not talked to each other for a long time and are no longer able to do their tasks properly.

I think it’s great that I can consciously let my Crew talk to each other, and that they help each other. In this way I gain insight into what I unconsciously already knew, but had hidden so deeply that I no longer realised it was there. Now I resolve my issues step by step, and feel the support of my Crew. The best part is: I can always count on them, and the better they feel and understand each other, the better I feel too.”


Event Support Manager (NL)

“I like talking with Christel. There are different ways to explain how your brain works, but I understand how Christel explains them and because of this, I am convinced that her explanation can and will help others as well.

But certainly for personal reasons as well. With two highly sensitive teenagers, it is sometimes quite difficult to understand what they are dealing with. In this situation as well it is nice to understand how everyone’s brain can react and what frustrations each individual can go through. I now have more peace of mind, am more relaxed and have more time to work on other important things.

Christel has a very nice way of explaining, which has certainly helped me in difficult times. I now have a better understanding of how others can think, and this is a privilege as an entrepreneur during conversations with (future) customers.

Thank you, Christel, for these wonderful conversations. You have helped me a lot!”


Partner & Mother (NL)

“I have been writing stories for years, and some of my characters have always felt much more real than others. I recognised these particular characters as parts of myself and saw my own problems reflected in their stories. The Ship Model showed me which of my characters belongs to which of the three brains.

This has made it a lot easier to understand their behaviour – and thus mine. Writing is also a form of visualisation. By consciously bringing my Crew Members into contact with each other, I see which thoughts or feelings I get stuck on. And with that insight, I can bring myself back into balance.

The Ship and the Crew make it easier to recognise behavioural patterns and protection mechanisms. As a result, I can see more quickly whether or not they are constructive, and I can adjust them if necessary.

I found it remarkable that the Ship is so easy to implement. This makes confrontations less scary. When people close to me also know the Ship, it becomes easier to explain to them what is going on inside my mind. I can clearly convey the thoughts and feelings driving my behaviour.”

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