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Even when you have everything figured out,
life can be too much to handle.

Death… We prefer not to talk about it. Least of all suicide. Yet everyone knows someone who ended their own life, or who made a serious attempt to do so. Perhaps you are the one who finds themself thinking that maybe, possible, things would be better if you were dead.

You aren’t alone in feeling powerless or sad, for yourself or for your loved one. And you definitely aren’t the only one who can’t wrap their minds around how someone who “has everything figured out” and seems “full of life and opportunities” could also desperately long for death.

In this presentation, I draw from my professional and my personal exeriences to shine a comprehensive light on suicide and suicidal ideation. Honest, respectful, and with a fair dose of (black) humour I explain what it’s like to be suicidal, what drives you to that point, and what you can do to help yourself or your loved one to hold fast, and even recover.  

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Impressions of earlier editions

Eindhoven, April '23

Amsterdam, Oktober '23

I offer you a playful yet scientific and evidence-based explanation of how your mind becomes convinced that ending your own life is a great idea. And what is needed to change your mind again. I also offer you a safe space, where you can pose all the questions that perhaps you didn’t dare to ask before.  

A quick search on the Internet will yield a list of research results and suicide prevention tips, but who can help you to truly understand? Who better than someone who herself has been suicidal for over 20 years, and survived? My point exactly! That is why I’m giving these presentations. 

I’m Christel Vogels, psychological counselor and experience expert on ‘staying alive when you really want to die’.  

I was 19 years old when I had my first suicidal episode. Countless more would follow. I had multiple university degrees, a successful career in finance and law, a loving partner and son, and it seemed like I had “everything figured out”. Yet I still wanted to die. Desperately. Therapy and medication helped me stay afloat, but my doctors and therapists didn’t understand why I didn’t get better.

So ultimately, I decided I’d do it myself. Be my own therapist. The techniques I developed to look inside my own mind, to understand what was askew and how to heal that developed into hwat is now the Ship Psychology method: The Ship Inside Your Head. This imaginative metaphor also forms the backbone of this presentation. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

This presentation is for anyone who: 
  • sees their loved one struggle and wants to know what you can do to help despite not fully understanding the problem,
  • struggles with suicidal ideation themself, but wants to hold on until it clears up,
  • lost a loved one to suicide and looking for help coming to terms with their loss. 
If the topic rouses your interest for other reasons, you are of course welcome to attend as well! I only ask that if you have no personal experience with suicide or losing a loved one that way, please respect the sensivities of the other attendants.
Please note: the presentation is NOT suitable for children under the age of 16. Upon request, I do offer a family-friendly version in a private session. For more information on this, please feel free to contact me.  

I offer this presentation in two languages: English and Dutch.

For details and tickets to the next Dutch-language event, please click here.

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