When Ships Want To Sink | Online Course

There is a warped logic behind depression & suicide

Understanding that gives you a fighting chance!

A Guide On Surviving Depression & Suicide

For Yourself Or Your Loved One

This 9-part course gives you a better understanding of:

  • what depression does to your mind,
  • why that can drive a person to suicide,
  • what you can do to give yourself or your loved one a fighting chance to survive.

You will also have an extensive Survival Toolkit with practical techniques to deal with common symptoms such as:

  • intrusive thoughts,
  • mistrust,
  • lethargy and lack of self-care,
  • self-harm urges,

as well as what actions you can take when you, or someone near you, is actively suicidal.

No platitudes or ‘fluffy talk’, but proven techniques that have helped depressed people – myself included – survive suicidal episodes.

This course consists of:

  • 9 video lessons (total run-time: 90 min.)
  • Transcripts (PDF) for each video
  • Audio files (MP3) for each video
  • Survival Toolkit (30-page PDF)
  • The Kraken: demonstration video to share >> Preview on Youtube!

The course has no time limit, and all lessons are available upon purchase. Go through the material at your own pace, and revisit as often as you like!

Want To Ask Something?

No webpage in the world can answer all your questions. If there is anything you’d like to know more about, so you have a clearer idea of what to expect, type away and I will answer you by email:

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How The Ship Helps

The purpose of the Ship Psychology Method is to help you become consciously aware of your mental patterns, and solve the unhealthy ones. That is what I originally designed it for when I was fighting to stay afloat myself.

Realising that you thoughts, feelings and behaviour are determined by three brains, and that, like a dysfunctional team, those brains don’t always cooperate makes an immense difference!

Unusual behaviour now becomes understandable. Being argumentative or withdrawn, losing interest in things you like, not bothering to feed or wash yourself: through the perspective of the Ship, it all makes perfect sense.

Only when you know the cause, can you begin to look for a cure. The Ship helps you find both.

On top of that, the Ship is also a clear, visual means to comprehend other people’s mental patterns, even when you have no personal experience with what they are going through. You can use the Ship to bridge the gap between worldviews:

  • When you are depressed, it can help you explain to friends and family how depression affects your life.
  • When you are a healthy bystander, the Ship is a means to understand how to best help and support your loved one through dark moments and towards recovery.