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My name is Christel Vogels (40), and I am a psychological coach and speaker.

I believe that practical insights in your own and other people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour help to make daily life a lot easier.

Psychology isn’t dry and theortical. It’s alive, it’s everywhere, and it can be fun! Those convictions form the basis of my Ship Psychology Method.

Christel Vogels speaker (video to come)

Speciality Topics

Apart from practical psychology for daily life, I’m specialised in the following topics, based on my personal experiences:

Anxiety, Depression & Suicide

Anxiety and burn-out is a popular subject, but to me, it is only a prelude to the real issue: suicide awareness and prevention. Having survived chronic depression and recurring suicidal episodes throughout my life, I know that breaking the taboos can save lives, and I have made it my mission to do so.

The Ship Psychology Method is a comprehensible way to explain what depression does to a person, and how that can drive them to suicide. This is insightful for both people struggling with depression or suicidal ideation themselves, as well as people who have a loved one fighting this battle.

I speak plainly and openly about these topics, from personal experience and that of the many people I interviewed over the years. It’s a difficult subject, so I make a point of keeping the tone of my presentations light yet respectful at all times.

Practical psychology in business

Speaking from my years of experience in corporate environments, I also have presentations and workshops specifically geared towards a business audience. In these programs, I teach managers how to:

  • improve their personal effectivity, and that of their team,
  • handle conflicts more efficiently by avoiding escalations,
  • improve communication with their team as well as clients, suppliers and other third parties.

In addition, I also provide a presentation for manager to increase awareness of burn-out and depression from a business perspective, and what preventative actions a company can take, and what can be done to help an employee suffering from burn-out or depression recover.

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Languages:English & Dutch (Nederlands)
Types of events:Live stage
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Private events (company teams, families, etc.)
Location:Online = worldwide (Amsterdam-Berlin time zone)
Live = Netherlands, Belgium, Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen only).
The Covid-pandemic has limited my travel options for the time being, but contact me for online alternatives.

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