Group Courses & Workshops

Online Group Course

In 24 video lessons and 5 live calls, you learn how your brains tell you exactly what is going on inside your mind, and how you can use that insight to deal with any situation – with less stress and more confidence! You will learn how to

  • understand people better – others and yourself,
  • stop self-sabotaging,
  • resolve inner conflicts,
  • make difficult decisions without stress,
  • move through daily life with confidence,

not just for today or next week, but for the rest of your life!

New group starts: September 11th, 2021

Early-bird discount until September 1st! Visit the shop for more information & payment plans:

Self-Study Workshops

If you feel more comfortable with self-study, the courses below are designed for that purpose. You decide when you start, you set the pace, and if you would like additional coaching, I’m here for you.

Each course includes:
– Video training (captioned)
– Downloadable transcripts
– 30% or more discount on a personal coaching call for addition support.