Personal Coaching

Support tailored to your situation

Whether you are looking for a single call about a specific question, or a multi-session coaching route tailored to your particular situation and circumstances, booking a personal coaching call is the place to start!

What: A video call in which you can share, vent, discuss what is troubling you, and I help you find the mental, emotional and practical means to deal with your situation.
Price: €70 for a single call, €250 for a 4-call route (saves €30)
60+ minutes per call

Why the ‘+’? Because I don’t cut off our conversation when it’s “time”. If you need a bit of extra time, I want to give you that (no surcharge).

Want to find out if I’m the right coach for you? You can schedule a free 30-minute video call with me to see what Ship Psychology can do for you. No charge, no obligation. Click here to select a time and day.

First Time Booking A Full-Length Call? This is how it goes:

1. In my Calendly below, select a day and time that works for you.
2. Fill in your contact information and set the appointment (privacy policy).
3. You receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link.
4. The email also contains a link to complete your payment if you hadn’t already (here you can use coupon codes if you have any).
5. At the appointed time, click the Zoom link to enter the call.


“None of these times work for me. Are there any other options?”

Calendy shows you my regular work hours. However, I may make exceptions if there are pressing reasons or unavoidable obstructions (like time zones). In that case, please contact me to set our appointment.

“I have never used/don’t want to use Zoom.”

Skype is also an option, but Skype calls cannot be booked through Calendly. Please contact me to set an appointment.

“Why do I have to pay up front?”

For your benefit as well as mine. For you, investing money in this call shows to yourself that you are serious about your personal development.
For me, it shows me that you are committed to the work we will do together (and will not leave me waiting in an empty room when our call starts ;P).

“Can I reschedule?”

If you need to reschedule, you can do so 24 hours in advance by sending me an email or text message. Please note that no-shows on the day itself are not eligible for rescheduling or restitution!

“Do you provide personal coaching for free?”

No. However, I understand that not everyone who has the will to invest in their mental health also has the money to do so. I can offer you two alternative solutions:

  • free online training that is open to everyone who is interested;
  • ask your friends or family to sponsor you, for example by sending you a gift card that you can redeem when booking your coaching call.

The one-on-one service I do offer for free is a 30-minute video call to talk with me about what Ship Psychology can do for you. You can schedule yours here.

Other questions

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, feel free to ask me in an email!