The Ship Psychology Method

What if…you could look inside your own mind?

When our Crew have a conflict and are fighting one another, our thoughts, feelings and behaviour contradict each other. Instead of confident and determined, we become frustrated, anxious, and disappointed.

In short, we experience stress.

Stress is a inevitable part of life, but prolonged stress damages your mental health, social health and your physical health. When left unresolved and unaddressed, it can begin to fester. Over time, that in turn can cause anxiety, depression, and worse.

I have spent over 20 years at the bottom of that funnel, suffering from chronic depression and frequent suicidal episodes. When various treatments couldn’t help me turn the tide, I devised the Ship and the Ship Psychology Method.

Ship Psychology Method | Slide Scale of Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Suicide

“What’s great about this method is that you can really envision difficult things going on inside your mind. This gives you a clear idea of your thoughts, with plenty of room for your feelings. With the Ship, you can literally let your feelings, your ratio, and your basic needs speak up. The latter is often overlooked in regular cognitive behavioural therapy.”
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The Ship Psychology Method

Ship Psychology is a practical, effective and entertaining method to look inside your own mind.

Solving psychological issues and improve your mental health needn’t be hard. In fact, it can be fun – and easy. If you ever stared out a window and let your mind wander, you can use the Ship psychology Method!

At this moment, I’m working on an extensive online course that will take you step by step through the process of recognising your Crew and how to steer them, so that you can:

  • understand your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour,
  • break unwanted habits,
  • resolve limiting beliefs,
  • reduce anxiety,
  • improve your relationship with others,
  • gain more control over your life,

and enjoy becoming the person you want to be!

While this course is being created, have a look at the other course and training e-books already available:

“I gain insight into what I unconsciously already knew, but had hidden so deeply that I no longer realised it was there. Now I resolve my issues step by step, and feel the support of my Crew. The best part is: I can always count on them, and the better they feel and understand each other, the better I feel too.”
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