Power In & Over Your Life

Power is more than just sexy!

People often say power is erotic, and they are not wrong. In this free-style Spyglass, I dive into what power is, really, and the many different ways it plays a role in our life:

  • why that makes artists, celebrities, politicians and others so influential,
  • how our Ship’s Crew responds to powerful people,
  • how those responses in individuals cause polarisation in society.

But we also explore what ‘power’ means in our daily lives and personal relationships:

  • how power can make a relationship healthy or unhealthy,
  • what is needed to make a relationship with natural power imbalance (parent-child, employer-employee, etc.) a supportive one for both parties,
  • what ‘learned powerlessness’ is, and
  • how you can take back power – control and influence – over your own life!

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About the author

Christel Vogels developed the Ship Psychology Method as a playful means to understand your own mind. As coach and trainer, she teaches people how managing their thoughts, feelings and behaviour can help to improve their mental quality of life.

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