Lifelines For Dark Times

Helping you hold on

For many people, dark moods are nothing new. Due to the Covid Crisis and the personal, economical and emotional stress it causes, ever more people are struggling with depression, burn-out and even suicidal ideation.

If this is you, or if you have a loved one who struggles with this, these lifelines are here to help you:

Free Webinars
– Masterclasses
(for self-study)
– Extended Video Course
(includes optional coaching call)
– Personal Coaching
(one-on-one video calls)

Free Webinars

The Spyglass Session gives insight into how dark moods come about and why they make it almost impossible to ‘just cheer up’. Fill in the form below to watch this on-demand webinar at your convenience.

Every month, I host live webinars on a variety of subjects. If you can’t make it to the live broadcast, sign up to receive the replay.


In these video courses, I teach practical, tried-and-tested techniques to make life with dark moods and depression a little easier:

  • Dismantling the Negative Filter teaches two step-by-step techniques to break away from dark thoughts, in conversations and in daily situations.
  • Translating Dark Moods explains why conversations with a depressed loved one can escalate so quickly, and what you – who doesn’t suffer from dark moods – can do to prevent that.

Each consists of a 30-minute video training and an extensive ebook.

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

There is a warped logic behind suicidal behaviour. Knowing and recognising this is the first step towards helping yourself or your loved one survive.

This online course, “When Ships Want To Sink”, includes:

  • 9 video lessons explaining how the downward spiral of stress and depression can lead to suicidal behaviour;
  • an extensive Survival Toolkit with techniques to deal with common symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, mistrust, lethargy and lack of self-care, self-harm urges, as well as what actions you can take when you, or someone near you, is actively suicidal;
  • a personal coaching call (1-1,5 hr) for additional support and coaching in your particular situation.

No platitudes or ‘fluffy talk’, but proven techniques that have helped depressed people – myself included – survive suicidal episodes.

Give yourself a fighting chance!

Someone To Talk To

Lifelines | Christel Vogels | Ship Psychology Coaching

Do you want to share your story with someone who know what it’s like to feel this way? Do you have questions about what might help you? Or do you just want to vent your frustrations, so you have more air to keep going?

I use online video calls for personal coaching. So wherever you live, we can meet up at a time and day that works for you. Every call is at least one hour, and a bit longer if needed.

Click the image below and follow the instructions to immediately schedule your call at a time of your convenience. One-off calls possible, no strings attached.