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Less Stress, More Confidence

Daily life is a string of situations. Some are pleasant and make you feel confident, others leave you feeling helpless and lost at sea. It’s like you are in a rollercoaster with no rails, no steering wheel, and someone else is driving!

Ship Psychology is about taking the wheel and helping you make daily situations less stressful and easier to handle:

  • understand people better – others and yourself,
  • stop self-sabotaging,
  • resolve inner conflicts,
  • make difficult decisions without stress,
  • move through daily life with confidence,

not just for today or next week, but for the rest of your life!

Permanent Course Materials

  • 3 modules
  • 24 online video lessons
  • Transcript & exercises with each lesson

You can access all lessons in all modules in random order. If you encounter any problems, please email me at

About the author

Christel Vogels developed the Ship Psychology Method as a playful means to understand your own mind. As coach and trainer, she teaches people how managing their thoughts, feelings and behaviour can help to improve their mental quality of life.