Client Evaluation

The only person who can truly say whether the counseling sessions were helpful to you, is you! 

Please take a few minutes to answer these questions about how you experienced the sessions, my methods of counseling, and how you feel about the results you achieved.

Client evaluation and feedback is part of any counselor’s continuous quality assurance process. Your feedback is part of your file and will be treated with the same confidentiality. 

If you would like to leave a public review (thank you!) you will find the relevant links and information below the form.

Evaluation Form

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Which counseling route did you follow:
How satisfied are you with the results of the counseling your received for your problem/issue?
Would you be willing to leave a review for Ship Psychology? (see below for review process and links)

Leaving A Review

First of all: thank you! Every review encourages others who need that support to take the step and get the help they have been looking for. 

There are two ways to leave a review:

Google Review
This is the easiest and fastest way to leave a review. You control directly what and how much you wish to share, as well as your privacy settings. 
Click here to write your review on Google.

Website Review
When you prefer to share your review on the Ship Psychology website only, our 
privacy policy applies, as well as the following steps:

1) I will email you the review text for your approval. This text is based on your reply to the form’s question on what you would tell others. I don’t make changes, except for correcting typos and the like. 

2) The review will only be published after you confirm your explicit permission by return email. Your review is anonymised so it cannot be traced back to you personally. You decide the level of anonimity you are comfortable with: your first name and a cartoon-style avatar, or only the initial of you first name and a blank avatar. 

3) You can decide to withdraw your permission at all times. Should you wish your review to be removed, please contact me.