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Terms & Conditions and GPDR Privacy Policy

Applicable to the Email List, Online Learning Environment & Webshop

When placing an order in the Ship Psychology webshop, booking a coaching call, signing up for an online course or subscribing to the email list, you are asked to accept these terms and conditions as well as our GDRP privacy policy regarding any personal information you share with us.

Terms & Conditions Webshop

Ship Psychology endeavours to provide a complete and representative impression of each product. If you have questions about a product before deciding to purchase, please feel free to contact us here.

Digital products are delivered to you upon completing your order. You will receive an email with the download links and/or log in link to access your products.
Physical products are shipped as soon as possible. You receive a notification when your order has been shipped. Unless specified otherwise, standard shipping is used. Delivery time may vary depending on your location and the processes of the carrier(s) and/or postal services.

All prices of products in the webshop are in Euros and include VAT and other applicable taxes (if any).

Payments are incurred in Euros. If your payment is made in another currency, exchange rates may apply. These are determined by the payment processor of your choice (Paypal, bank, as applicable). Ship Psychology has no influence over these exchange rates or the application thereof.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us. We will resolve the issue as soon as possible. If that is not possible or does not solve your problem we will work with you to find a suitable and satisfactory alternative solution.

Limit to Liability
The techniques and recommendations in the Ship Psychology products and website have been worded and presented with due diligence and utmost prudence, but all content are suggestions only, and may under no circumstance be interpreted otherwise.

Ship Psychology Coaching cannot be held liable, and will not accept liability, for any damages of any kind (financial, material, emotional or otherwise) resulting from the choices, decisions and actions of any customer and/or end user.

In case of disputes, Dutch law applies.

Privacy Protocol Summarised

We take good care of that information, as explained in this protocol:

  • We don’t ask for more than what is needed to complete your order.
  • The information you entrust to us is only ever used to complete your request and give you access to your products, nothing else.
  • Your information is stored securely and only for as long as necessary.
  • Under no circumstance will any your information be sold, shared or in any other way made available to unrelated third parties.
  • Related third parties are the manufacturers of the software that process the information, like the webshop software, email software, and the software that processes your payment.
  • You are at all times permitted to review and change your personal information.
  • At your request, your information will be permanently removed from our files.
  • You also have the right to make a complaint and speak to a real person about the issue. That real person is me: Christel Vogels.

If you run into any trouble with your order, have a question or want to make a complaint, please email me at I will respond as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy – Full Version

  • Company = Ship Psychology Coaching, operated by Christel Vogels (self-employed)
  • Private Individual = you, the reader
  • Related Third Parties = companies producing the software and provided the server storage to process your request, like the webshop software, email software, and the software that processes your payment.

1. Reach of this GPDR Privacy Policy

The reach encompasses any Private Individual who has subscribed to the Company’s email list, placed an order in the Company’s webshop and/or have requested access to the online learning environment on

2. Relevant data

Of the Private Individual as stated in Art 1, the following data is collected, handled and/or recorded and/or stored by the Company or Related Third Parties:

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Billing Address (if applicable)
  4. Shipping Address (if applicable)
  5. Means of Payment (if applicable)
  6. Device information (“cookies”, collected automatically when a user visit a website, to technically enable browsing that website), consisting of: IP address, web browser, time zone, cookie settings, and statistical data of website interaction.

A cookie is a small amount of information that’s downloaded to a computer or device when the user visits a website. Cookies improve the user’s browsing experience, and also provide statistical information about website use, like repeat visits.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but a user can choose accept or block cookies through their browser controls. Please note that removing or blocking cookies can negatively impact the user experience, and parts of the Company’s website may no longer be fully accessible.

3. Purpose of collecting this data

The data as laid out in Art 2 is collected, handled and/or recorded and/or stored for the sole and exclusive purpose to complete the request of the Private Individual, be it processing payment of and shipping their order, sending email order confirmations, invoices and/or log-in details related to their order, providing access to the online learning environment, organising video calls, or sending informative emails.

4. Storage of data

The date is handled and, where applicable, recorded and/or stored by specialised Related Third Parties, to be named specifically in Art 6. Ship Psychology does not retain additional copies of the corresponding databases. The Privacy policies of these Related Third Parties will be provided upon request.

5. Rights

Concerning the data specified in Art 2, the Private Individual has the right to:

  1. Review their data;
  2. Correct, complete or otherwise amend their data;
  3. Delete their data or parts thereof (i.e. by deleting details from their online learning account or unsubscribing from the email list);
  4. File a complaint about how the Company (incl. Related Third Parties) handles their data;
  5. Request their data be permanently removed from all relevant databases;
  6. Request their data be transmitted to an unrelated third party specified by the Private Individual;
  7. Expect a real person to communicate and handle any complaint or request.

6. Related Third Parties

The data specified in Art 2 are collected, handled and/or recorded and/or stored on the Company’s behalf by the following Related Third Parties:

  • ActiveCampaign – collecting, recording and storing name and email address data for the purpose of sending email to subscribers;
  • WooCommerce – webshop software, collects, handles and records name, billing and/or shipping address and email address for the purpose of completing purchases made from the webshop;
  • LearnDash – online learning environment software, collects, handles, records and stores name and email address data to provide access to the learning environment and purchased courses therein.
  • Mollie – handling and processing payment details for the purpose of completing purchases made from the webshop;
  • WordPress – website software, records and stores data for the purpose of managing webshop and learning environment accounts;
  • Zoom – hosting service for video calls, collects and handles data for the purpose of enabling access to scheduled video calls. (No visual recordings are made of any call!)
  • Calendly – online appointment planner, collects, stores and handles data to plan video calls and provide the information required to log into said calls.
  • Strato – webhost that provides the physical server for the website, the webshop and the online learning environment, and therefore the physical storage pertaining to all storage activities of the parties listed above, with exception of MailChimp.

Related Third Parties are not legally related to the Company (no shareholder or financial connection), other than through purchasing or licensing agreements for software and/or server space.

Further details about these parties and their privacy protocols can be requested from the Company. This list is updated as quickly as possible in case of additions or other changes to the above list of Related Third Parties.

7. Company privacy protocol

The Company’s protocol to ensure the safe handling, etc. of the data (Art 2) entrusted by Private Individuals is the following:

  • The Company has appointed director/ower Christel Vogels as the person responsible for handling all GDPR-related issues and requests.
  • The Company does not share any data from Priviate Individuals with any other party other than the Related Third parties listed in Art 6, except when legally obliged, either by law or by court order, to share information with authorities.

Complaints and request as specified in Art 5 may be directed to the person designated above, at email address: The Company endeavours to respond to such complaints and requests as soon as possible, but always within 1 month of receiving the complaint or request.

8. Permission

  • The Company strongly recommends that any Private Individual who considers to subscribe to the email list (“the Fleet”) or make a (course) purchase from the webshop first reads this Privacy Protocol and make themselves aware of their right before submitting any personal data.
  • By subscribing to the email list and/or making a (course) purchase from the webshop, the Private Individual confirms to have read and accept this protocol.

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Last updated: January 13th, 2021