Coaching & Counseling Worldwide

Time is valuable, and your travel time even more so. The less time you spend going from A to B and back, the more energy you have to spend on things that are truly important to you. Small wonder that a growing number of counseling clients opt for online sessions.

In my experience, online sessions are every bit as effective as sessions in person. Online counseling has been helpful to clients across Europe and well beyond, anywhere from California to Kazakhstan, but also to clients in my own city who, for whatever reason, could not or preferred not to travel.

Whether you live 10 minutes or 10 countries away from me, online sessions give you easy access to effective counseling all the same.

Physical Locations in & around Eindhoven

For face-to-face sessions, we meet at one of my ambulant locationsMy main location, at the Noord-Brabantlaan in Eindhoven, is easily accessible by car, bicycle and public transport.  

When we schedule our next session, you can let me know where you’d like to meet. You always receive a confirmation of the address along with the date and time of the session. 

Arrived early? Please take a seat in the lobby. I will meet you there!

Please note that ambulant locations are shared facilities. Should your preferred location be unavailable, I will contact you to relocate or reschedule our meeting. Free of charge, of course. 

If these locations are not within traveling distance for you, scroll up for online sessions.

Eindhoven Main Location: 
“De Plek”| Noord-Brabantlaan 303-307 | 5657 GB | Eindhoven

This location is easy to reach coming from:
Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Aalst, Waarle, Valkenswaard, Geldrop

Eindhoven Airport: 
“Bond Eindhoven”| Luchthavenweg 81 | 5657 EA | Eindhoven

This location is easy to reach coming from:
Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Best, Oirschot, Son en Breugel

Coachhuis Helmond: 
Mierloseweg 200| 5707 AT | Helmond

This location is easy to reach coming from:
Helmond, Nuenen, Geldrop, Asten, Someren, Deurne, Gemert