Counseling In Person

Ship Psychology has moved!
While I truly enjoyed working in the beautiful countryside of Mariahout, the increasing fuel prices and further reduction of public transport made it too remote for many people. So I searched – and found – a new, more accessible location: “De Plek”.

“De Plek” has multiple dedicated rooms for coaching and counseling sessions. Each room has its own design, all equally comfortable and private. 

While I wait for a suitable office space to become available (that is in the works!), the exact room we meet in may vary between sessions. Should you prefer to be in the same room every session, I will take care to arrange this.

“De Plek”| Noord-Brabantlaan 303-307 | 5657 GB | Eindhoven | The Netherlands

Navigation & Public Transport

By Own Transport

“De Plek” is located in the South-West of Eindhoven, close to Veldhoven. If you are traveling by car, you will find the location is very near to the A2/N2 motorway, as well as to the main traffic lanes between Veldhoven and Eindhoven. It is also easily accessible by bike or scooter.  

Whatever the vehicle of your choice, there is plenty of parking space available around the building!

By Public Transport

“De Plek” is a mere 15-minute busride from Eindhoven Central Station. Take any of the following bus connections:

 Bus 401 (direction ‘Airport’)
 Bus 402 (direction ‘Veldhoven’)
 Bus 403 (direction ‘Oerle’)

and alight at the stop ‘P+R Meerhoven’. From here, cross the road and follow the driveway to the main entrance of “De Plek”. 

Arrived early? Please take a seat in the main lobby. I will meet you there!