The Ship is in the dry dock…

…to get an exciting overhaul!

A basic overview of the Ship Model is available, awaiting the arrival of:

  • a free tutorial covering:
    • the basis of Ship Model,
    • who the Captain, the First Mate and the Deckhand are,
    • how these three work together – or refuse to,
    • and how they can help you get a grip on your (daily) life without fighting yourself at every turn;
  • various on-line courses about how the Ship Model can improve your communication with others, how to detect and resolve self-sabotage, and a step-by-step walkthrough to meeting your own Ship for in-depth work.

In the near future, I will also start providing personal coaching, where we work on helping you to get a handle on harmful thought patterns that have been holding you back.

Many exciting changes to look forward to. Please check back soon, or join the Shipping Lane and I will send you updates as they happen.

See you soon!

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