The Ship Model

When you compare our body to a vessel – a ship – our brain is her complement. And like ship’s crew consists of multiple people, so our brain is not a single entity. Rather it is a bunch of semi-cooperative parts that each have their own tasks and responsibilities within the whole:

  • The Captain (our rational mind);
  • The First Mate (our emotional mind);
  • The Deckhand (our reptilian brain).
The Ship Model (c) Ship Psychology Coaching

As the Model shows, these three Characters have their unique qualities, outlooks and weaknesses. I call them Characters, because these difference give the impression of individual personalities – and indeed, like real people, those personalities can clash!

The Ship Psychology Methode

The different techniques with which you can apply this model in every-day life form the core of the Ship Psychology methode.

More information can be found on our Dutch website. The English translation will follow as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.